Hi, I'm Simone

abstract artist

I am a visual artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I show up imperfectly each day to explore the interfaces between play, composition and material structure.

I love the feeling of paint on raw canvas, and actively work to integrate uninhibited exploration into my process.


Art Portfolio

Coaching & Community

I am available for individual one-on-one art coaching tracks.
Also, I am one of the hosts of the “That Creative Space” community.

Art coaching

I am available for individual one-on-one art coaching tracks.

Whether you want to find your artistic self, work towards a regular art-creating habit, or need someone to be your accountability partner; I am certain that we can work towards your goals together, even if you’re not quite sure what your goals are.

Since every artist is different, feel free to reach out and have a call with me to discuss the possibilities!

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That creative space

That Creative Space is a private community for visual artists just like you.

We help visual artists grow by adding the power of play to their art practice! Are you starting out as an artist? We will help you move away from tutorials and create art you will fall in love with. Art that comes from deep within you. And all this through play!

Are you an experienced artist? We will help you incorporate play into your art practice, so it becomes an integrated part of your process.

In That Creative Space we learn by doing, playing and making art. Together.

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Simone Michiels owns all the rights to her artwork and images on this website and social media. When you buy a piece of art, the rights of the art remain Simone’s. The work may never be reproduced without buying the full or partial rights, or without written permission, nor is it allowed to make any changes to the work. You are absolutely welcome to share Simone’s work, for instance on social media, but always credit properly.