We help visual artists grow by adding the power of play to their art practice!

That Creative Space is a private community for visual artists just like you.

Are you starting out as an artist? We will help you move away from tutorials and create art you will fall in love with. Art that comes from deep within you. And all this through play!

Are you an experienced artist? We will help you incorporate play into your art practice, so it becomes an integrated part of your process.

In That Creative Space we learn by doing, playing and making art.

Join 40 like-minded visual artists inside That Creative Space

One thing all artists in That Creative Space have in common is that they  take their art practice seriously. They want to grow and they want to take their art to the next level.

This community is like a warm nest and has everything you need!

  • A group of like-minded artists
  • A few art together sessions a month
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Weekly exercises
  • Masterminds
  • And more

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The biggest reason for me making as much art as I did is mainly That Creative Space . I did not know what to expect when I joined, because it was brand new and I didn't really have any expectations, but somehow my 2021 became memorable for creativity and playing with art - which is the best thing ever!

The guidance you need for yourself and your art practice

Making art and building an art practice rooted in play and exploration is not always easy. Showing up on good days and bad days takes courage.

A lot of us often get stuck in fears; of the white page, of ruining a piece of art, of calling yourself an artist, of lacking talent, of wasting supplies, of taking up space…

That Creative Space was created to support artists overcome these fears together.


A safe space for you to grow as an artist

A safe space where you are surrounded by like-minded people experiencing the same struggles. The place where you can share your questions, wins and struggles.

You will get the support and guidance you need to make art you will love and build an art practice rooted in play.

We are most excited to work with people who will benefit from this community (we do not wish for you to waste your time and money).

If the following describes your ideal art journey, you would be an ideal That Creative Space member and we definitely want to work with you!


You …

  • want to grow. You know you want more from your art and you are ready to take your art practice to the next level.
  • understand that in order to grow you have to clear up time in your schedule to consistently make art. We will help you with inspiration, guidance, but we can’t do the work for you.
  • are willing to do the work over time. Our membership and community are not a secret recipe for overnight growth. Developing a growth mindset is a process which takes time. But working on your mindset in a group of like-minded people could definitely speed up the process.
  • value community and you are willing to actively engage in the community. We all have our own journey and there is always something to learn from everyone’s journey. Being an active member of a community means that if you take something from the community, you are also willing to give something back to fellow members.
  • are willing to commit to the process of making art, to choose process over perfection. And we will help you get better at this.
  • are willing to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a huge part of making art.
  • are willing to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and know that the community is there to support you when you take those brave steps out of your comfort zone.
  • are willing to seriously not take yourself too seriously while seriously working on your art. We have loads of fun, and we enjoy silly and uncomfortable challenges to help you grow.


Maybe you still need a little help in some areas, we will be there to accompany you on this journey!

That Creative Space is the place to grow and thrive as an artist and a creative human being.

Meet your guides in this creative journey

Meet Stephanie

I have always had creativity in my life, whether it expressed itself through art making, cooking, writing, photography. Since the summer of 2018 I started a painting journey focused on watercolors. It all started with play, watching pigments travel in water.

After two years spent gathering skills and knowledge, and following a gazillion tutorials, I found myself on an artistic journey rooted in exploration. I started to make work of my own. I now wish to help everyone, who wants it, along their own artistic journey.

Meet Simone

Art runs through my veins. When I was little, I was always creating. It was my safe bubble. I was the kind of kid you would find in the cold basement of the house with jars of paint, a piece of plywood and a fretsaw making art.

As a young adult I left art; “Go do something that helps you pay the bills”, was the message. So I did, for 15 years, and was not happy.

Many years later I came back to art. Best decision ever! Making art and (talking about) creativity are my biggest passions.

What's waiting for you in That Creative Space?

When you join That Creative Space, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits

  • Monthly themes to help focus our explorations together
  • Live sessions to kick off the monthly explorations and to make art together
  • Weekly creative exercises to help you explore the theme of the month and help you make art that comes from deep within you
  • Themed posts to inspire you 
  • Like-minded artists from all over the world
  • Support and guidance from other members
  • Coaching and mentoring in one-on-one sessions
  • Unlimited help with with your questions
  • A warm community of supportive artists
  • Workshops; for example: planning you year, photographing your art
  • A space dedicated to building a creative business
  • Creative Business masterminds

Come take a look inside

Join That Creative Space and connect with like-minded visual artists!

Price $22 per month, or $242 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is That Creative Space for?
  • Is this you? You've learned to draw an apple or a panda, you've done a number of color wheels, you've gathered some skills.... you want to grow out of tutorials and start your journey as a visual artist, but aren't too sure how to do this.
  • Then That Creative Space is aimed directly at you! We want to help you move on from "coloring within the lines" towards "coloring the whole page".
  • All levels of artists would benefit from That Creative Space. We are centering our explorations around play and creativity training. And that is definitely something that needs to be exercised.
What does a month in That Creative Space look like?

At the beginning of every month we start with a live kick-off session via Zoom. Either Stephanie or Simone will present the new theme.

Every Monday we will post a new exercise or challenge that will help you play, explore and experiment.

Two times a month there will be a live session where we create together. Our so called "Art Together Sessions". If you wish you can ask for feedback on your work during these sessions.

You can also plan a 1-on-1 session with Simone if you need some personal guidance or have a question.

For the business owners in the group we plan a mastermind every few months.

During every month we will not only be working on our art but also on our artist mindset.

Is this going to be time consuming?
  • You decide how much time you have for your art practice. You decide when you do the work.
  • There will be 1 live kick-off call each month. And there will be some videos or downloadable instructions of techniques/exercises you will be able to follow. Pick and choose, do them all once, twice, or how many times you want to!
  • There are a few art together sessions a month. You decide if you join these sessions and how many a month you join.
  • There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend practicing your craft, but we are here to PLAY. You decide how much time you (can) spend on creating art. You choose the amount of time you spend in the community.
  • We do recommend you make time to check the community site once or twice a week, to join the live calls and to make art. To get the most benefit out of it.
  • In the community we will be working on our mindset a lot.
    Making time for yourself and your art practice is important. Making yourself a priority every now and then is part of the artist mindset.
What sets a community apart from a membership or a course?
  • In a community: In a community such as That Creative Space, the value comes from the members as much as from the host. Your hosts, Simone and Stephanie, will guide you and explore the monthly themes together with you. And here is a little secret, we learn a lot during this process and we love it! And we definitely want to help you out in reaching your own objectives.
  • In a course: A teacher makes a class. You follow the teachings of the teacher and put them in action. There might be some feedback offered, but there is usually not too much interaction with fellow students. 
  • In a membership only: Think of Patreon or Skillshare. Similar to a course, you follow an artist who shares their processes and insights. Or in a Skillshare type membership, you get access to many classes and perhaps some feedback from the teachers. In both cases, there might be some community but the focus is still very much on the teacher/artist.
So is this a course?
  • No. It is not a traditional course with lessons and homework. That Creative Space is not aimed at skill gathering (though you might still better some!).
  • There will be some lessons available to you, in our live sessions and downloadable resources.
  • But the focus of this community is more on exploring something together, and learning to play while creating, focusing on the process. Through live events, challenges and activities, you will learn to enjoy the process of art making. You will get to know yourself better as an artist.
  • Courses are finite. You will learn a skill, you finish the course and move on.
  • Once you enroll in That Creative Space, you can stay as long as you want, or may quit after the first month, no hard feelings whatsoever!
Will I learn how to paint or draw specific things?

While playing often and shifting your mindset towards play and the creative process in itself will help you grow as an artist, the focus of this community is not on skills. There will not be technical training per say. We will however share tips and such about using each medium we focus on.

Will I grow by enrolling in That Creative Space?
  • The "salesy" version of this would be: yes, we guarantee you will progress provided you do the work.
  • Real talk.... There is no secret recipe because you have to find your own way. But we are here to guide and help you.
  • We are sure you will enjoy the months spent in the community with the different events, challenges, exercises and lessons. The goal is to accompany and support you in making at least one finished piece of art every month, by way of playing and experimenting different things throughout the month.
  • You will not spend one month here and get "the secret recipe to learning to enjoy the process". Learning this in itself is a process, and takes a bit of time, and practice.
  • This community is a place to play and share experiments, away from the pressure of social media aesthetics and algorithms.
  • Based on the testimonials of the participants in the Paint Yourself Happy challenges held these past two years, there is a definite possibility you will progress in shifting your mindset from "searching for perfection" to "enjoying playing with my colors" and as a result, more chances to create art that you will be proud of and bring you to a happy place.
  • To get the most out of the community we recommend to dedicate at least 3 months to the community and your growth.
Do I need to buy a whole lot of new materials if I join That Creative Space?
  • No, only if you like.
  • Every three months we focus on a new medium. You can either join us in exploring this new medium, or you decide to stick with the medium you like.
  • A materials list will be available with suggestions on how you can make do with other things you might have. You are welcome to get as much or as little material as you want.
  • 2-3 colors are a great way to start any new medium.
Will you record the sessions?

We record the kickoff sessions so that people who can't join, can watch the session and the presentation afterwards. These recordings are only accessible for current members of That Creative Space. After each live session we will also provide detailed recaps of the topics discussed.

If we give a workshop on a specific topic, we will share a recording of the workshop contents with you on our community platform afterwards.

Lastly, we do not record the art together sessions. During these sessions everyone is free to share freely and we feel this is better accomplished without the feeling you're being recorded.


What times will the live sessions be?

These times will be decided with the help of the people who join. We will work very hard to include most people in the calls. Having two hosts, one being in Europe and the other in Canada also provides opportunity for different schedules to make sure everyone is included.

Why is That Creative Space only available for enrollment for a limited time?
  • Because our monthly explorations start at the beginning of the month. It's a little like when you start a class; it's easier to get the full benefit if you don't start in the middle and play catch up.
  • Because we want to create a space with our members that allows sharing your process, art, and journey in safety. If new members can join continually, at any time, that safe space is harder to build and maintain.