That Creative Space

Uncover and release your creativity!
Go from following tutorials to creating art to call your own.

Too often we feel the pressure of making good art, “insta-worthy” art, serious art, meaningful art. But pressuring ourselves with all of these outside marks of success is not helping us make art and often gets us stuck in fear.

Fear that sounds like:

  • I’ve done the tutorials but how the heck do I start making something “of my own”?
  • Who am I to call myself a real artist (spoiler: you can already!!)?
  • I am not good or talented enough to do this.
  • What will others think if I start painting? 
  • How will I ever make any “good art”?
  • I can’t try this… it is a waste of supplies to even think about it.
  • All these “trust the process” and “your style will just appear” are so frustrating, because how is that even true?
  • I’m too old to start something new.

What if we told you that the way to get unstuck from those fears and to grow in your art making journey is quite simple: you need to play!

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"So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?"

Elizabeth Gilbert

For this, we’ve created something you might enjoy. Something to help you grow out of the fear of creating.

Surround yourself with other like-minded creative people who want to explore new things. Let’s play, explore and grow together. We will help you conquer these fears and set a sustainable art practice rooted in play and exploration.

Are you looking for a community of like-minded explorers, to set or expand your own art practice, to grow as an artist?

We created a community just for you! That Creative Space.

Is this for you?

Maybe you’re wondering by now if That Creative Space is for you. To be completely honest, we are most excited to work with people who are going to get the most impact from this membership (we do not wish for you to waste your time and money), so let’s unpack who this membership is for.

If the description below is a good reflection of your ideal version of your art journey, then we definitely want to work with you! We believe you would be an ideal That Creative Space member and you would have loads of fun as well!

Of course, maybe you need a little help in some areas. Maybe you still have some issues with perfectionism (most of us do!) or maybe you need a few tips and tools to help you schedule your art time.

We will be there to accompany you on this journey!


  • A member of That Creative Space wants to grow. You know you want more from your art and you are ready to take your art practice to the next level.
  •  A member of That Creative Space understands that in order to grow they have to clear up time in their schedule to consistently make art. We will help you with inspiration, guidance, but we can’t do the work for you.
  • A member of That Creative Space is willing to do the work over time. Our membership is not a secret recipe for overnight growth. Developing a growth mindset is a process which takes time. But working on your mindset in a group of like-minded people could definitely speed up the process.
  • A member of That Creative Space values community and is willing to actively engage in the community. We all have our own journey and there is always something to learn from everyone’s journey. Being an active member of a community means that if you take something from the community, you are also willing to give something back to fellow members.
  • A member of That Creative Space is willing to commit to the process of making art. They are willing to choose process over perfection.
  • A member of That Creative Space is willing to make mistakes. They understand that making mistakes is a huge part of making art.
  • A member of That Creative Space is willing to get out of their comfort zone every now and then and knows that the community is their to support them when they take those brave steps out of their comfort zone.
  • A member of That Creative Space is willing to seriously not take themselves too seriously while seriously working on their art. We have loads of fun, and we enjoy silly and uncomfortable challenges to help you grow.

This community is a space that will enable you to:

  • Develop your art, learn to make art for fun, to play with no afterthought
  • Find ways to bring playfulness into your art practice
  • Grow as an artist, moving away from tutorials and skill gathering towards finding your own processes
  • Set a sustainable art practice that fits your schedule and personal goals
  • Connect with other artists who, like you, want to set/expand their art practice
  • Have a safe and private community away from social media, where sharing vulnerable pieces is more comfortable
  • Learn from each other, swap stories, experiences and ideas around our shared mission
  • Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations and expert perspective
  • Learn how to tap into yourself and make art that comes from deep within you

So that you can grow and thrive as an artist and a creative human being!

What is the difference between social media and That Creative Space?

In That Creative Space, we will be building our own artistic journey and exploring themes together.

There is no algorithm. We don’t have to “fight” for attention. Instead we build relationships that are based on mutual interests and goals.

It’s so much more than just sharing content. It is about real connection. About being each other’s cheerleader.

And often, there are things we would like to share, but just not with the whole world. With selected trusted friends. That Creative Space will be that space (yes, pun intended!).

It is small and intimate. No social media clutter.

The rules on what is possible and impossible in the arts were made by people who had not tested the bounds of the possible by going beyond them.

– Neil Gaiman

About us

Stephanie - teacher at heart and creative explorer

I have always had creativity in my life, whether it expressed itself through art making, cooking, writing, photography. There is always a part of me creating something. Since the summer of 2018, my creative journey has focused on watercolors. It all started with playing to watch with pigments travel into water and came full circle with making watercolors and pigments. 

After two years spent gathering skills and knowledge, and following a gazillion tutorials, I found myself on an artistic journey I had not planned. And to my amazement, making work that I call my own. The first Paint Yourself Happy Challenge hosted by Simone in early 2020 truly kickstarted this journey. I want to help everyone who wants it to start their own artistic journey.

Simone - primary school art teacher for 15 years turned creative coach

Creativity, art, paint, pigments and color run through my veins.
When I was little, I was always creating. It was my safe bubble where I could “hide” from all the outside stimuli. I was the kind of kid who you would find in the cold basement of the house with jars of paint, a piece of plywood and a fretsaw making Little Mermaid art. Defying my fear of the big black spiders living in that basement.

As a young adult I left art; “Go do something that helps you pay the bills”, was the message. So I did. I was not happy (this is the very short version of the story).

I don’t think I need to explain I came back to art. It was the best decision ever! Creativity, whether it is talking about it, using it, reading about it or helping people uncover their creativity, is still one of my biggest passions.

What is included?

When you join That Creative Space, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Monthly themes to help focus our explorations together
  • Monthly live sessions to kick off the monthly explorations and to make art together
  • Weekly creative prompts and exercises to help you explore the theme of the month and help you make art that comes from deep within you
  • Themed posts to inspire you 
  • Continued support and guidance throughout the month through the community and via dedicated Discord channels on the Shitbook Friends’ server 
  • Coaching and mentoring in one-on-one sessions
  • Additional (downloadable) resources
  • Learn how to set up a sustainable art practice and maintain it

Join our community and connect to other wonderful artists!

Get to make art that comes from you and set up your own artistic journey. Liberate your creativity from fears.


Price $22 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is That Creative Space only available for enrollment for a limited time?
  • As the monthly explorations begin, well, at the beginning of the month, it is easier to have people sign up at the beginning. It's a little like when you start a class, it's easier to get the full benefit if you don't start in the middle and play catch up.
  • If the community decides that we record the community calls, it enables much freer conversation knowing these will stay between the members of the current cohort than thinking about these conversations becoming available to people who may sign up later.
What does a month in That Creative Space look like?

Although we have come up with a format, we also want to discuss this with the founding members during the first 3 months.

The format we now use to plan our content around:

Week 1
Get inspired, play and experiment (the shitty art stage)

Week 2
Reflect and adjust

Week 3
Play and experiment some more

Week 4
Piece it together (work towards a piece of art)

This is a cycle many artists go through. Whether they're making a piece of art or are working on big projects.

Is this going to be time consuming? Because I am quite busy with... you know, life!
  • No.
  • There will be 1 live kick-off call each month. And there will be some videos or downloadable instructions of techniques/exercises you will be able to follow. Pick and choose, do them all once, twice, or how many times you want to!
  • There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend practicing your craft, but we are here to PLAY. You decide how much time you (can) spend on creating art. You choose the amount of time you spend in the community.
  • We do recommend to make time in your planning to check the membership site once or twice a week, to join the live calls and to make art. To get the most benefit out of it.
  • In the membership we will be working on our mindset a lot.
    Making time for yourself and you art practice is important. Making yourself a priority every now and then is part of the artist mindset.
Is this a course?
  • No. And yes! It is not a traditional course with lessons and homework and detailed techniques spread over a three month period. That Creative Space is not aimed at skill gathering (though you might still better some!).
  • There will be some lessons available to you, in our live sessions and downloadables.
  • But the focus of this membership is more about exploring something together, and learning to play while creating, focusing on the process. Through live events and challenges and activities, you will learn to enjoy the process of art making. You will get to know yourself better as an artist.
  • Courses are finite. You will learn a skill, you finish the course and move on.
  • Once you enroll in That Creative Space, you can stay as long as you want, or may quit after the first month, no hard feelings whatsoever!
Will I grow by enrolling in That Creative Space?
  • The "salesy" version of this would be: yes, we guarantee you will progress provided you do the work.
  • Real talk.... There is no secret recipe because you have to find your own way. But we are here to guide and help you.
  • We are almost sure you will enjoy the months spent in the community with the different events, challenges, lessons. The goal is to accompany and support you in making at least one finished piece of art every month, by way of playing and experimenting different things throughout the month.
  • You will not spend one month here and get "the secret recipe to learning to enjoy the process". Learning this in itself is a process, and takes a bit of time, and practice.
  • This community is a place to play and share experiments, away from the pressure of social media aesthetics and algorithms.
  • Based on the testimonials of the participants in the Paint Yourself Happy challenges held these past two years, there is a definite possibility you will progress in shifting your mindset from "searching for perfection" to "enjoying playing with my colors" and as a result, more chances to create art that you will be proud of and bring you to a happy place.
Am I going to get better at painting/drawing etc?

While playing often and shifting your mindset towards play and the creative process in itself will help you grow as an artist, the focus of this community in not on skills. There will not be technical training per say. We will however share tips and such about using each medium we focus on.

Do I need to buy a whole lot of new materials if I join the membership?
  • No.... but maybe. Each quarter, there will be a focus on one main medium. We will be start by focusing on watercolors in July.
  • A materials list will be available with suggestions on how you can make do with other things you might have. You are welcome to get as much or as little material as you want.
  • 2-3 colors are a great way to start any new medium.
Will you record the sessions?

Yes. We will record our live Zoom meetings. They will be available to you for a limited amount of time.

After each live session we will also provide detailed recaps of the topics discussed.

What times will the live sessions be?

These times will be decided with the help of the people who join. We will work very hard to include most people in the calls. Having two hosts, one being in Europe and the other in Canada also provides opportunity for perhaps different schedules to make sure everyone is included.

Who is That Creative Space for?
  • Is this you? You've learned to draw an apple or a panda, you've done a number of color wheels, you've gathered some skills.... you want to grow out of tutorials and start your journey as an "artist" but aren't too sure how to do this.
  • Than That Creative Space is aimed directly at you! We want to help you move on from "coloring in the lines" towards "coloring the whole page".
  • But also, all levels of artists would benefit from That Creative Space. We are centering our explorations around play and creativity training. And that is definitely something that needs to be exercised. So yes. All level artists could benefit from playing in this community.