We help visual artists grow by adding the power of play to their art practice!

That Creative Space is a private community for visual artists just like you.

Are you starting out as an artist? We will help you move away from tutorials and create art you will fall in love with. Art that comes from deep within you. And all this through play!

Are you an experienced artist? We will help you incorporate play into your art practice, so it becomes an integrated part of your process.

In That Creative Space we learn by doing, playing and making art.

Join 40 like-minded visual artists inside That Creative Space

Registration has closed, and we are all in, serving the community and help the artists in our community grow! We hope to see you there soon.

Registration has closed, and we are all in, serving the community and help the artists in our community grow! We hope to see you there soon.

One thing all artists in That Creative Space have in common is that they  take their art practice seriously. They want to grow and they want to take their art to the next level.

This community is like a warm nest and has everything you need!

  • A group of like-minded artists
  • A few art together sessions a month
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Weekly exercises
  • Masterminds
  • And more

The guidance you need for yourself and your art practice

Making art and building an art practice rooted in play and exploration is not always easy. Showing up on good days and bad days takes courage.

A lot of us often get stuck in fears; of the white page, of ruining a piece of art, of calling yourself an artist, of lacking talent, of wasting supplies, of taking up space…

That Creative Space was created to support artists overcome these fears together.


A safe space for you to grow as an artist

A safe space where you are surrounded by like-minded people experiencing the same struggles. The place where you can share your questions, wins and struggles.

You will get the support and guidance you need to make art you will love and build an art practice rooted in play.

We are most excited to work with people who will benefit from this community (we do not wish for you to waste your time and money).

If the following describes your ideal art journey, you would be an ideal That Creative Space member and we definitely want to work with you!


You …

  • want to grow. You know you want more from your art and you are ready to take your art practice to the next level.
  • understand that in order to grow you have to clear up time in your schedule to consistently make art. We will help you with inspiration, guidance, but we can’t do the work for you.
  • are willing to do the work over time. Our membership and community are not a secret recipe for overnight growth. Developing a growth mindset is a process which takes time. But working on your mindset in a group of like-minded people could definitely speed up the process.
  • value community and you are willing to actively engage in the community. We all have our own journey and there is always something to learn from everyone’s journey. Being an active member of a community means that if you take something from the community, you are also willing to give something back to fellow members.
  • are willing to commit to the process of making art, to choose process over perfection. And we will help you get better at this.
  • are willing to make mistakes. Making mistakes is a huge part of making art.
  • are willing to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and know that the community is there to support you when you take those brave steps out of your comfort zone.
  • are willing to seriously not take yourself too seriously while seriously working on your art. We have loads of fun, and we enjoy silly and uncomfortable challenges to help you grow.


Maybe you still need a little help in some areas, we will be there to accompany you on this journey!

That Creative Space is the place to grow and thrive as an artist and a creative human being.

Meet your guides in this creative journey

Meet Stephanie

I have always had creativity in my life, whether it expressed itself through art making, cooking, writing, photography. Since the summer of 2018 I started a painting journey focused on watercolors. It all started with play, watching pigments travel in water.

After two years spent gathering skills and knowledge, and following a gazillion tutorials, I found myself on an artistic journey rooted in exploration. I started to make work of my own. I now wish to help everyone, who wants it, along their own artistic journey.

Meet Simone

Art runs through my veins. When I was little, I was always creating. It was my safe bubble. I was the kind of kid you would find in the cold basement of the house with jars of paint, a piece of plywood and a fretsaw making art.

As a young adult I left art; “Go do something that helps you pay the bills”, was the message. So I did, for 15 years, and was not happy.

Many years later I came back to art. Best decision ever! Making art and (talking about) creativity are my biggest passions.

What's waiting for you in That Creative Space?

When you join That Creative Space, you’ll get to enjoy these benefits

  • Monthly themes to help focus our explorations together
  • Live sessions to kick off the monthly explorations and to make art together
  • Weekly creative exercises to help you explore the theme of the month and help you make art that comes from deep within you
  • Themed posts to inspire you 
  • Like-minded artists from all over the world
  • Support and guidance from other members
  • Coaching and mentoring in one-on-one sessions
  • Unlimited help with with your questions
  • A warm community of supportive artists
  • Workshops; for example: planning you year, photographing your art
  • A space dedicated to building a creative business
  • Creative Business masterminds

Come take a look inside

Join That Creative Space in the fall and connect with like-minded visual artists!

Price $22 per month, or $242 per year.

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